Placid Percussive Augmenter of Rotary Drill

 Placidus is proud to introduce our PARoD
(Placid Percussive Augmenter of Rotary Drill):
A novel rotary drill augmenter which was developed together with JPL’s Advanced Technology Group
The device uses a piezoelectric actuator to augment any rotary drill by means of high frequency percussion.
Our drilling unit combines many unique advantages and revolutionary skills that just don’t exist in conventional rock/ concrete drilling methods. Nonetheless, above all, it is a proof of the concept that piezoelectric shockwaves will provide vibration pounding actions in a different and better way, making it far superior to the mechanical hammering currently in use today.
Our drill can be operated with low average power using duty cycling. It does not require high axial loading to penetrate materials, makes it very easy to use. It generates minimal vibration back into the mounting fixtures or the user, making operation more convenient and less tiring. The ease of use and quiet operation (compared to other hammer drills) are traits that interest the industry. The tested augmenter was developed as a prototype for commercialization.
Here are some more advantages:
- The Piezo hammering is uncoupled from the rotary actuation, provides additional control over the drilling.
- Drilling non circular holes is possible by using piezo action alone. (We have demonstrated square, rectangular and triangular cross sections).
- Less parts mechanism.
- Does not damage elastic media such as rubber, plastic, wood etc. Combining with rotation will allow such drilling.
- With this technology It is possible to drill while penetrating the ground or wall with a very simple system. No depth limits. Read more here
- Operational at an extremely broad range of temperatures (tested at -200 to +500 C)
Download PDF about the PARoD
				 Placid Percussive Augmenter of Rotary Drill